Critical Web Dev Skills & Tools for the Non-Tech Hustler

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Critical Web Dev Skills

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If you are a non-technical business owner, entrepreneur or hobbyist, and you have a service or product you want to get to your market online but the technical aspects of setting up are holding you back, delaying, costing you valuable time and money, maybe you do not have the necessary knowledge and tools to set up your own website or online shop to your specifications.

This course is for you.

Maybe going to a design agency or developer is cutting too much in your budget at this stage, but you understand that a website with professional web design standards is necessary to be competitive.

This course is for you.

I will teach you how to easily set up a professional website to showcase your product or services, but importantly, equip you with specific knowledge that will allow you to put your product or service in front of your audience quickly, so you can refine out your online marketing strategies and go on to achieve what you set out to achieve.

Don’t be delayed when you can get the knowledge as well as a functioning live website for your service and product, something you can refine yourself without having to outsources it to an agency, saving you time and money right now, as well as in the future, knowledge that is essential in our day and age to give you a competitive edge in what you are providing.

Additionally, it will introduce you to the following:

Understand how to work with a Premium WordPress theme. This will save you a lot of time and design and development course as, these premium themes have been developed by professionals and Web design and development, who not only understand the technical aspects of it, but how that fits into the core elements of business digital online strategies, essentially, bypassing the middleman. So instead of paying thousands in developing a professional website through a Design…


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