Create a website or blog with WordPress – Part 2 (Installing WordPress)

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To run a WordPress blog that you can make money with you will need a domain name and website hosting.

This video series walks you through signing up for the hosting that I use to run my website. I use SiteGround (referral link) because it’s one of the web hosts that WordPress recommends to use on it’s website.

SiteGround is known for their website speed, excellent customer service, and website security! I highly recommend their service for starting your WordPress blog/website.

This video series also shows you how to install your WordPress blog from within SiteGround’s control panel. Don’t worry, this is all easy peasy. Your blog will be up within minutes! Enjoy.

If you use my link to sign up for SiteGround, I will get a credit for your purchase (and my family and I will give you a huge virtual hug):


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