concrete5 Installation on a Nexcess Account

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This video demonstrates how Nexcess ( clients can install the concrete5 application, using SimpleScripts, which is available through the SiteWorx control panel. This demo is one in a series of Client Support videos available at

To install concrete5, you must have an existing SiteWorx account. Also, the application requires a MySQL database. You can choose to have a database automatically created for you during the installation process, or, if you prefer to create the database yourself, be sure to do so before installing the application, and make note of the database/database user information.

During the course of this demonstration, you will see how to:
Log in to SiteWorx,
From within SiteWorx, access the SimpleScripts page
Specify installation preferences for concrete5
Run the installation
Retrieve installation details so that you can access your concrete5 instance.

To get started, you will need to access the SiteWorx login page, and then log in using your SiteWorx login information. This information can be found in the “Welcome” e-mail that was sent to you when your Nexcess account was activated.

On the SiteWorx main menu, click to expand the Hosting Features group.

And then within the Hosting Features group, click the SimpleScripts option.

Now you see the SimpleScripts page. Under the Website Builders category, click on concrete5.

By clicking Install, you are accepting the SimpleScripts terms of service agreement. Before proceeding, click to read the terms of the agreement. If you accept the terms, click Install.

The button says, “Loading”. This means the script is checking the system for issues. Before installation takes place, first specify your installation preferences. Leave the default version selected, which is the most current (stable) version.

The next item shows the URL for your domain in the first box, and in the second box is where you need to specify the name of the directory…


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