CNN Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

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Al-Qaeda: The Best Enemy Money Can Buy

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  • Obama helps the terrorists in Syria and this is something suspiciously claiming how the United States government that it is fighting terrorism in the world and at the same time you are sending weapons and aid to terrorists in Syria
    To teach the American people and the free peoples of the world that the United States lying to its people and to the world they are the foundations of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union and after the departure of the last of Afghanistan remained the love affair between the Governments States and between the leaders of al-Qaeda United States used paper terrorism of al-Qaeda she graduated as a card from her pocket whenever it's needed or wanted to play the word to launch attacks on the specific country
    Syrian army mail is not a youth group seeking to piracy sites but are a group of young people are using piracy to convey the fact that what is happening in Syria to all over the world and especially the minds of the free non controlled
    Certainly the Syrian people will not choose Ayman al-Zawahiri or a substitute aides to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 's what sought by the United States government not be influenced by the words of U.S. officials as a people we are more than a Syrian he knew and knows how they think and what they want
    Syrian people stand by the government of President Bashar al-Assad because people liked in every sense of the word is Dr. eyes and a very cultured and a high degree of knowledge and science has led Syria from ignorance and backwardness prevailing in most Middle Eastern countries to open up science and technology we do not want to go back to the times ignorant who seek all of the United States , Israel and Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Qatar to bring us to him
    And thank you for listening … Regards son Syria

  • Hope CNN gets exposed for the trash that it has become chasing worthless dollars to destroy the world they're going to be left in when they run to they're bunkers or blast off into space. Man wish I had time and was video making friendly, a nice montage of cnn's propaganda to view before it's demise

  • Anyone know who's money bought Al-Qaeda the top fire power money can buy? 
    Couldn't have been the hard working American tax payer, they wouldn't agree to paying such a steep price to arm the Islamic enemy right? I'll say this much, heads need to roll in Washington yesterday!! 

  • Who would hack a well respected reputable non-state controlled media outlet like CNN? My prayers go out to ted turner and turner broadcasting inc…they did not deserve to be digitally bitch slapped by terror loving, freedom frie hating liers.

  • Yep…. I believe it

  • obama bin laden is funny

  • They are totally full of shit….this was a home grown false flag!!…and that's the fucking best CNN can do to explain how they were able to be so easily compromised? and that's all the public expect of them too? If this is the Syrian Army they could be publishing anything they want on CNN so the US Gov terrorists and their propaganda mouthpiece CNN don't see that as a security problem? Shit from China is coming you better believe it.

  • Someone in NSA is fuckig with the CNN crap spewing liars and the are creating terror threats against themslves. Damm, they have sunken so low.
    Can you say distracton.

  • The SEA is the EW wing of the Syrian Arab Army.

  • Wow .. Syria .. Can Hack NSA's Twitter …. we should be worried ! 

    1st Hack CNN twitter

    2nd Hack USA Nuke Missle Commands

    Syria Can Hack the shit out of everything ….. RUN for Hills People

  • Who actually believes anything CNN says? All I see is the correlation between SEA hacks…and SEAhawks….watch for the subliminals these sickos speak in code

  • YES! FUCK CNN! Syrian hackers are fucking awesome. Met one, badass this kid was.

  • Ally Qaeda? Hahahahahahaha XD  XD  XD  XD
    (Oh wait, that's not funny)

  • Thank you for the real truth !

  • We can stop all this with PIZZA power..

  • Fuck SEA

    Bunch of propagandists

  • United snakes of america

  • It's the prince of Saudi Arabia that gave the guns and chemical weaponry to the rebels without instructing those how to use them. If Obama does not know the working minds of the Saudi Arabians to give the arms to the REBELS who are IN SYRIA, I highly doubt it. He is not doing any lying in finding them IN SYRIA. But they  ARE NOT Syrians, these hackers. You should know who the hackers ARE.

  • Was this great product being offered for free per the US constitution if "life" really is in danger? Or at least a means of acquiring it at no cost? Are these Federal Reserve Notes still in high demand though they have no backing?

  • Google is failing to load posts and notifications for some reason.
    Anyone else have this problem ?

    The words “immigration”, “tolerance” and “assimilation” are being used to PROMOTE a program of geNOcide against White children.

    According to International Law, open borders, FORCED integration, and assimilation is GENOCIDE.
    Except they don’t call it GENOCIDE when it’s done to White children.
    Then they call it “multiculturalism”
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White

  • Nero, just about every truther has been saying the same thing Alex says. Hell, sometimes Mainstain Media says the same things months or years after Infowars says it.

  • The KLA weren't a terrorist faction you piece of shit! I served in the KLA and I'm no fucking terrorist. Now because you said that, I'm not watching your show anymore because I know it's false and other information besides the KLA that you're talking about could be false too. You're fucking retarded.

  • Me like Justin Bieber me, me new Video is Alex Jones vs Justin Bieber on me BG VlD me 🙂 

  • CNN dumb dumb's. Takes foreign hackers to bring Americans some news with truth. What a sad world we live in. Hats off to the hackers, keep up the good work.

  • I feel so sorry for the dupes who actually take infowars seriously..

  • This whole thing smells rotten, and who suffers? Children

  • Google's enemies are under attack today. The Drudge Report and Facebook and many smaller sites carrying news of O'Keefe, D'Souza, McDonnell, Hollywood conservatives. THE WAR IS ON! 

  • Love the BIG FAT TEXT on the video previews "MIND CONTROL" "CHINA JAPAN WAR" LOVE IT! Spread the word(s)!

  • The president is black, you had better buy gold.

  • Can't trust theese goverment officials they r corrupt like a 10 dollar hooker,miley slut cyrus

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