Boxing day, Point B, The “visits” Continue, Repeating Patterns, Organized harassment.

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So many ” coincidences ” happening around close proximity of 2 people (1 a child) , in the sticks, at two random locations I decided to moor our boat.

Of course, plausible deniability says just walkers etc etc…well targeted harassment is recognized by frequent incidents, or repetitive “crossing of paths” when coming to & from your home, even in remote countryside…just to name a few examples…

Disclaimer; AFAIK “society” as a whole do not take part in this harassment. Not everyone “is in on it” that is the aim of the select few pulling the strings. They want to induce paranoia by way of embedding a few of their cronies to emulate society but also adding anchors & triggers only the target will pick up. This muddies the water & targets have to filter the wheat from the chaff at all times.

To discredit the target via smear campaigns
To degrade
To isolate
To provoke
And on it goes….to protect who?

The scum elderly abusers, child abusers, drug dealers, corrupt “pillars” of society, fake Christians & possible fraternal Pedo rings, have raised the bar by poisoning my sons dog to death, days before christmas…the same child with learning difficulties, who has been forced out of 5 homes & 3 schools since 2010, (all documented) who has been physically & mentally abused in that same time, on an almost daily basis until he exposed his own abuse by recording it as it happened…all happening under a massive wall of silence from the scum of the earth & those employed to protect the vulnerable…. I to, will raise my methods in a lawful manner.

I’ve said all along, I don’t care who you are, or what army you have. I only need a few cards from the fragile house, whose foundations are rotting & IMO I have them.

Any more deaths, poisonings, threats, violence, abuse, harassment, sabotage or otherwise that happens in this illegally run campaign of organized harassment, gangstalking, corrupt policing or religious based persecution that continues… ANY CONCERNED…



  • yes I here you…but you have to play the long game…theyve been targeting me since at least 2004 …and Iv experienced their 'attention' all over the world tryin to escape them( before I knew what I was up against…only discovered what I was involved in last year…i.e that I wasnt alone!!) Plesse man you must keep ur cool…I can hear your anxiety( understandable) but you are only effective against them if you stay cool in control and where possible methodical and detacted…tge 'soldiers' are only paid mercenaries…sad people but workin for a wage….it the real 'name behind' your assault that you need to I D.

  • With the greatest respect you need to start being more effective:
    1. Get a wide angle lens and closecup shots of the perps directing phone cameras or devices at you and your boat.
    2.Keep a video and written daily diary. Record number plates; frequency of patrols and events as they happen
    3. Up load your evidence to social media without the fancy effects and 'expleetives'…Just show it for what it is…ongoing, systematic and sick.
    4. Show close ups of the perps on your site….only when they are obviously invading your privacy as the man recording your boat was…if you show random faces they will' do you' for harrasment…you have to play smart with these creeps.
    Good luck( from a northern compatriot).

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