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What is Blog Defender?

Blog Defender is a full system to protect your WordPress sites against hackers and other risks. It comes with 6 videos about the basics and more advanced tips how to use 3 WordPress plugins to fully protect your sites.

As there are thousands of WordPress blogs hacked every day, this package is a must have for everyone who wants to be sure that a (brute force) hackers attack has less chance to succeed. And even more important, in case you are hacked or a new plugin messed up your blog, you can restore your blog in minutes without losing all relevant data and time to recover.
Main features of Blog Defender

3 WordPress plugins:

Automated Backups. Discover how to automate and schedule your backups as professionals do.
WP Security. With this plugin and the videos you’ll be fully protected.
WP Scan & Repair. Find and remove malware and other bad files/open doors.

And 7 videos:

Video Module #1 Preparation. What’s the best hosting? How to protect your files at home and what’s the best way to install your WordPress plugins?
Video Module #2 Backup WordPress. What’s the best place for your backups? How to run your backups and schedule them automatically.
Video Module #3 Security Plugin Setup. Learn how to setup all your settings for the best security.
Video Module #4 Scan WordPress for Malware. Learn how to use, setup and schedule WordFence for scanning your files for malware and infected files.
Video Module #5 Hide your WordPress vulnerabilities. Hide your login area and change the admin user, content directory and database prefix.
Video Module #6 Defend WordPress with a Firewall. Protect your site against Brute Force Attacks and keep intruders away.

Are there any shortcomings?

If you follow all the steps, i.e. install and setup the plugins as demonstrated in the videos, you’re better protected than 99% of all the blog owners.

Is it fully bulletproof?…


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