Become A Godaddy Reseller And Get Paid!!!!

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If you would like more information on how to get started please email me at or you can sign up right away by clicking this link –

. As a reseller, you can resell industry-leading products, including domains, hosting, SSL Certificates and Website Builders under your own brand:



  • Hey,

    How about renew? Do you still get a commission for let's say domain renew after a year?

  • how can i start this business

  • I have been doing this with the same company for more than 10 years now.

    My favorite Ad headline these days is… "Tell me again why my 1,000 dollars a day is unfair, because you have to work so much harder than I do!

    There is nothing straightforward or simple about the while label IT business so don't quit your day job just yet.

    It really helps if you come to the table as a team with a traditional business or SOHO education and background.

  • Not as simple as you make it sound cupcake…. You have to know something about marketing, banner advertising, SEO and pay per click. Building the cookie cutter site doesn't get you anywhere and there are 22,000 resellers doing the same thing so don't think you can really sit at home on your ass and get paid. Good resellers build from scratch and program the back end to connect to godaddy which takes a lot of html, css, and programming knowledge. This is misleading at best.

  • Fantastic!  Subscribed!

  • Best video that I've seen so far that actually shows how it works and what you get. I've been kicking around several companies looking for the best solution. Wish the video was clear (blurry), other than that, good video. PS. Your e-mail is NOT in the link, may want to update that.

  • Nice tutorial dude…, recently i have purchased GoDaddy reseller plane ( my website is not displaying on any of Search Engines, is there any way to add keywords and meta description ?  

  • dude, great tutorial, am signing up for this to get a few dollars in until I find a job.:) I lmao with joe's last name you came up with. 

  • how can you set the default language on your storefront website? thanks, great video btw :)

  • Hey nice tutorial about reseller business ,,,,so what will be the initial investment ? could u plz ping me on my email id

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