Angularjs – WebApi2 – EFCodeFirst Web App On 3-Tier Architecture – Part 2

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Q : Are you really excited to learn how to develop an n-Tier arch web application using Angularjs, Asp.Net Web API, jQuery, Bootstrap, C#.Net, Entity Framework Code First and MS SQL Server?
A: Then you are at right place and you are going to learn it here with me from scratch..

In this course we are going to learn how to break requirements into objects and find relation among them. We will then learn coding models out of this objects and relationships. Moving forward we will also see how to design arch. of the project and implement various layers.

We are going to learn implementation of business object layer using POCO and data access layer using repository design pattern and Entity Framework Code First. We will use C#.Net to implement our business logic layer and wrap it up with Asp.Net Web API so that it can be consumed by any client. We are also going to secure our web apis.

For user interface we will see Angularjs, jQuery and Bootstrap. We will learn how bootstrap makes our application responsive.We will also see how to implement custom sorting and paging. Moving ahead you will learn forms validations and business rules validations as well. We will also learn how to publish it on web.

What are the requirements?

MS Sql Server Any version
Entity Framework 6
Asp.Net Web APIs 2
Visual Studio 2015 or above
What am I going to get from this course?

understand how to break requirements in to objects
create entities out of objects
implement data access layer using entity framework code first approach with repository pattern
manage data migrations in entity framework
implement business logic layer using c#net
create service layer using ASP.Net web apis
create UI using angularjs, bootstrap and jquery
implement validations both client side and server side
implement authentication and authorization both on client side and sever side
What is the target audience?

This course is for the web developers who want to…


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