Angular 2 Essential Training | Session 18 The Component Template

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When angular finds a match in the DOM…for a component selector, it will inject…the component markup into that DOM element…that it found a match on.…The markup it will inject comes from…the component metadata template properties.…There are two options, the template, and the templateUrl.…Let’s check these out.…In the app component, we can see…that it is using the template property…and setting it to a string value of some markup.…This is an inline template.…

The markup is declared within the component metadata.…If we switch over to the browser,…and take a look at the run time results…by inspecting the DOM,…we can see that the element named mw-app has the markup…from the metadata inserted inside of it.…Back in the code, we can change that markup…in the template metadata property.…Add some new content, like a p tag,…with a description of what the media tracker app…is all about,…and when the browser reloads,…we can see that our new content is there.…

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