Angular 2 Essential Training | Session 17 The Component Selector

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Angular will use the selector property…from the component metadata…to find a match in the DOM based on an element name.…If we take a look at the app component,…we can see that it has a selector with a value of ‘app’.…And if we flip over to our index.html file,…we can see that we have a DOM element named app.…As we learned in an earlier lesson…Angular kicks off with the bootstrap call…that takes in an Angular root module.…

And the root module has a bootstrap metadata property…that contains a list of components to use…as the starting component.…This bootstrap process tells Angular…to look over the initial DOM on the page,…take the selector from the app component…and find the first match.…Angular finds the app element…and applies the app component to that element.…The bootstrap function will only load the component…on the first match it finds.…It will not bootstrap multiple instances…of the same component type.…

Now this is a bit different from how…components nested in components work.…This will get covered in and upcoming lessons
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