Angular 2 Essential Training | Session 16 Bootstrapping The Module For The Browser

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Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.
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With an Angular root module…and a starting component created,…the next step to getting the foundation…of an Angular app up and running…is the code to bootstrap the module.…We can add a file named main.ts to the app folder…and put the bootstrap logic in that file.…Angular actually has support for running…on multiple platforms.…The browser is considered a platform.…The server and web worker are examples of other platforms.…Other third-party bootstraps could also be used…to provide support for other platforms.…

For this app, we are targeting the browser,…so we need to bootstrap from that platform.…Angular exports a platformBrowserDynamic function…for targeting the browser…from the platformBrowserDynamic-scoped package.…So we can import platformBrowserDynamic from there.…This function returns a platform object…that has a bootstrap module function on it.…That is the function you will use…to bootstrap your root module on the platform.…

Note that earlier we were importing class types,…and here we are importing a function.
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