America : Freedom to Fascism

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The true enemies of liberty and all modern societies and people are the central bank counterfeiters. The largest counterfeiter in the history of the world consists of the Federal Reserve banking scheme, which counterfeits American dollars through fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

America Freedom to Fascism exposes the fraud and deceit of the Federal Reserve Banks (Fed), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the 16th Amendment, the income tax, the Federal Reserve System, national ID cards (REAL ID Act), human-implanted RFID tags (Spychips), Diebold electronic voting machines, New World Order (globalization), Big Brother, taser weapons abuse, and the use of terrorism by government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.

The Federal Reserve System is a privately held, for profit corporation, and not a government agency. It was created by bankers for bankers as a lender of last resort, so that whenever a banker ran his businesses poorly he could be bailed out at the expense of the public. The Fed does not have any reserves, it simply creates fiat money out of nothing and lends it out at interest to businesses and the federal government. The American people are then forced to pay for the bailouts to government and businesses through inflation and personal income taxes on their labor. The currency the Fed creates out of thin air and loans out to the government at interest is called Federal Reserve Notes – look at the top of what you may think are your Dollars and you will see they are actually Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs). FRNs are backed by nothing. US Dollars are required by law to be backed by gold and silver, but US Dollars are no longer in circulation. The only real US Dollars still somewhat in…



  • they tagged animals and slaves so what are we now if they want to chip us makes you think from another perspective


  • This showed up in my call list to the side. I don't remember seeing it, I didn't make comment to it, or at least I can't find one. But I am glad it did show up. It is late so I will watch it tomorrow, and then comment.
    Namaste and care,

  • Type in treasury and click on all the things highlighted in blue. Benjamin Franklin dates you will find out that the 1st financial report was done on sept 11 the (black) codes are in there saying (blacks) are 3/5 human why the number 5? All kinds of things on the treasury wikipedia page. Also look up the federal reserve act a lot of things in there as well.

  • Women working they stopped breast feeding children raising themselves.

  • Us and America are seperate us is federal dc and America are the states there were never suppose to be boundaries.

  • Jails mlitary hospitals takes ppls dna.

  • Wait a minute when he was vacuuming he picked that man up shook him whilie knocking his head against the floor and vacuumed his last dollar.

  • This is my first time ever hearing this christmas vacation ha wake up ppl. Do you know its ppl that want to keep you sleep so they can rule over you. That makes them feel like they have power over you. Aaron russo is the best.

  • roschildes own the fed bank of england and all central banks upto now this prog has not mentioned this family of banksters

  • Off on the economy according to MMT, otherwise a great eye opener.

  • 1:00:00 You have to be kidding. They did that to your daughters and kids?

  • 45:00 Wow, so basicly the same tactics they are using in 2017. They call us Racists, Fascists, etc.

  • right! FUCK INFRASTRUCTURE! Who needs COURTS?!! Who wants COPS? Who needs PROPERTY RIGHTS?..or BORDERS? just "made-up" stuff. To Hell with ALL of it!!! ^..^

  • God rest your soul, I wish I could have met you, no matter.

  • so Joe Louis have his money to the vets at some point off a big fight (boxing) against a German. during WW2 and that same German from that era of Nazi Germany came back and paid for his funeral? America didn't pick up the tab? Oh yeah this vid is explaining the layers and who really controls this show called America. Hi jacked by evil people who want to choke out life of the people. thin air money smh!

  • I never get the New World Order business. The plan for global dominance by bankers/elites was hatched in 1913. Behind the scenes, this "shadow government" is manipulating the monetary/political systems to achieve this goal. I know this sounds stupid, but people have lifespans, so they spend their entire lifetime striving to pass the baton to the next generation, and then that generation does the same thing. So the goal is not realized during their lifetime. This is a very weird concept to me.

  • I was watching a "Ron Paul's Greatest Moments" YouTube video and he mentioned this documentary. I'm happy he did, because I like it (but I hate what it reveals).

  • Right wing propaganda that is fascism………telling you fascism is coming when they are the ones who brought it to America! The current President is a fuckin right wing white nationalist fascist. How dumb are people?

  • The only sovereign law on Turtle-Island (North-America) is 1st Nation 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating'). Every false law in the USA is illegal. Americans continue to glorify a false American colonial 'revolutionary period, which was only a continuation-intensification of genocide against 1st Nations. The missing step for colonial 'exogenous' (Latin 'other-generated') Americans who came originally as economic-ecological refugees from oligarch-run war-torn Europe is to acknowledge our invasion, genocide & ongoing wars against 1st Nation 'indigenous' (L 'self-generating'). We need to honour 1st Nation sovereignty as well as all humanity's worldwide indigenous heritage of peace & prosperity for 100s of 1000s of years. America never had a 'golden' settler period. Invasion is always 'yellow' ('cowardice') fear-run hierarchy. Those who celebrate US history, continue this atrocity worldwide. Colonialism started with the fleeing of Semite Arab, Jew & Aramaic from ecologically & war destroyed once 'indigenous' Babylon. Instead of learning from our bad poverty situation, & from the abundance of our indigenous neighbours, exogenous war, lies & destruction have continued ever since. Learn about humanity's worldwide universal indigenous economic & political democracy / law before colonization's violence.

  • hahaha! keep paying your income taxes fools!

  • the only thing backing the American dollar considering how worthless it is , is a big damn military saying if you don't accept our dollar well come bomb the shit out of you example saddam and mummar gadphi they were going to stop accepting the dollar for oil reaction desert storm and assinations on both men we don't fight terror we create and prolong it both domestic and international politicians are terrorists just suits not turbins limos not camels but the same thing

  • I am Indian, For me USA is worlds one of the most bloody fucking country as equal as Britain. PISS OFF USA.

  • Irwin Schiff died in federal prison for tax evasion…

  • What I don't get , is when I get my check they take out income & state taxes then when I go spend that taxed money I have to again pay taxes a 2 no time. We r being raped twice

  • For this video to be on here free to watch tells you that this is real. Russo and many others want people to know the truth.

  • Katherine Albrecht has such a sexy voice. what a babe

  • The courts can make all the decisions they want to. If they think their job can't be eliminated or them as a judge tried for treason by the American people , they are living dangerously. The election of Donald Trump shows the uncertainty of this kind of thinking. The American people are the most famous people in the world for convincing tyrants of their grievances. If they convinced the king of England and the best standing army in the world , It may very well happen again , if tyrants don't take notice. I wish all Americans would quit referring to "government this and government that " in their speech. Refer to them as "our elected government representatives ". A N Y of those that aren't directly elected by the people are the representatives responsibility. Whatever they do , we the people hold Y O U responsible because Y O U appointed or hired them. The American people ( not citizen ) have been railroaded for years but are waking up and rising up. The people of America have never lost a war. Wars like Vietnam were not lost. The victory was handed to the enemy by traitors in America.————Ernest E. Johnson

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