About Your WordPress Security…

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http://eleanorprior.com/wordpress-security/ About Your WordPress Security…

You’re never too small for hackers. Even if your only WordPress site is visited by 3 of your Facebook friends once in a month…

Hackers are still very much interested in hacking it.
Because they don’t care how big you are.
They can use your hosting account for cyber-terrorism, your domain for spamming… you get the picture.
And you won’t see it coming.
A lot of intrusions aren’t detected WEEKS after they’ve happened… And often only because finally a hosting provider sends you a spam abuse notice or something along those lines.
Restoring your site often takes DAYS. Looking for a backup (you DO have a backup, right?), reinstallation, cleanup… all that takes a lot of time and effort.

Good news? You can avoid getting hacked even if all you know is how to add a new post to your blog.

Here’s how…


P.S. Protect your site NOW. It could be too late tomorrow.

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