9 Things Hate About My Motorcycle Yamaha R15

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9 Things Hate About My Yamaha R15

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share with you 9 things which I hate about my Yamaha R15 Bike, so without wasting any further time let’s move straight to the point.

1. Starting with Seating Arrangement and Seat Cover
These 2 piece seats for Rider & Pillion are not Original, I have modified them for better cushioning and seating comfort. Infact this one looks better than the original one. The artifical leather or the rexine cover on cushion is also so rough that after continuous ride of 1 hour or so your Bump will start paining. Hence I am thinking of chaning this rexine cover to come out of this problem, but as of now this is the 1st thing I hate in my bike.

2. Second thing would be poor headlights.
Riding the bike during night time in the areas with no street lights or low lights is very difficult as the head lights do not through sufficient light on the road which makes rides on such roads feel terrible. Just to share an experience with you guys last week when I visited Sula Vineyards Nasik along with my friends, while returning back to Mumbai after it was dark there were heavy rains and in such a bad weather with poor headlights it was very tough time for me driving my bike.

3. Third Point – Mirror fitting rod paint fades away and looks ugly
You can see here left handle side mirror fitting rods black powder coating has faded which steals away the look of my bike when seen from front. So I need to get it powder coated so that my bike again starts looking good. I don’t know when I will do this.

4. Point no. 4 would be Back seat coul or the center fibre part above the tail is vibrating
This piece of Fibre somehow got damaged I don’t know where and how, might be somewhere in parking lot. It keeps vibrating and moving producing hissing sound whenever I ride on rough roads. And you know what …… when I asked for this part in service centre there reply was like … we do not sale single piece of this, you need…



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