Second annual UCLA Grad Slam, Final Presentation: Rose Tseng

The Graduate Division and Graduate Student Association are pleased to to be hosting the second annual UCLA Grad Slam.

Grad Slam is a campus-wide competition that showcases and awards the best 3-minute research presentations by graduate students. The competition not only helps foster the important career development skill of articulating graduate research in an understandable and engaging way to those inside and outside the academic community, but it also highlights the excellence, importance and relevance of UCLA graduate students and their research.


How to Run Your PHP Programs Using XAMPP : 2014

How to Run Your PHP Programs Using XAMPP : 2014

This video features the installation of XAMPP for Apache Server for running an PHP: (Hypertext Preprocessor) program. This tutorial is made for beginners. You can use WAMPP as well. But this one works the best for me. This tutorial will show where to save your programs inside htdocs folder and how to run them via browsers.

Download XAMPP Here:

More About PHP:

Learn PHP Here:

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how to make virtualhost with xampp 7.0.2 #coder[01]

Here I will demonstrate how to create a VirtualHost using xampp , just follow my video .

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Diesel particulate filter fix. (Improved)

Have made this video to improve on the last one,


I noted the text on previous video was too small to read, so this will hopefully fix this issue giving the viewer a clearer account of the settings parts required please like if this has helped you in any way.

Volvo V50 S60 and generic fords Peugeot etc etc with variations
how to bypass the failed DPF and save in the region of £500 on replacement costs
also increase BHP & fuel economy

also see my last video DPF FIX PART 1

This was done on a 2004 Volvo V50, but as Volvo are mostly ford parts, its also applicable to fords of the same era with same hardware, etc.

My symptoms were DPF filter blocked, Elloy tank empty, limp mode, revs limited, causing fault lights and Engine service lights to come on, 2800rpm limit!!

The Fix in short

To Remove the DPF from below the vehicle.

1 Disconnect two rubber pressure feedback pipes pliers will do this.

2 Disconnect the temp sensor plug from cross member directly below pressure pipes.

3 Unbolt unit-using spanners and ratchet may require a good soaking with WD or similar.

4 Bore out ceramic of DPF to approx. 20mm-25mm MAX using drill, some BACK PRESSURE is required don’t remove to much material

5 Blank off pressure pipes or simply loop them together using redundant hose.

6 Refit DPF unit and reconnect temp sensor.

7 Disconnect and loop pressure sensor on battery box {under bonnet}

8 On pressure sensor remove plug locate the correct wires as per video and fit potentiometer and adjust value as per video you will need a basic multimeter.

Have a look at 1.06 -1.12 seconds in the clip for wiring of potentiometer, to adjust you need a small instrument screwdriver values are not set in stone, you may need to adjust yours slightly different than mine to work.

9 Make sure you secure potentiometer and wrap in insulating tape to protect potentiometer.



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Proxy server error in google chrome(solved)

easily solve proxy server error in google chrome.


How to get OS X Server 5.2 | For Mac | 2017

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OS X Server 5.2:

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Copy Code to an Excel Workbook
Add macro code to your Excel workbook.


How to creating and hosting website for free

creating and hosting website for free.


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